2005 E-TON Viper 70 2-Stroke


Tec Center

Technical Information

Model/Parts Information

Specifications Sheet

Owners Manual

Setup Sheets

Parts Manual

Service Manual
Wiring Diagram

Service Bulletins

SB0003 - Air/Fuel Ratio Adjusting Procedure
SB0019 - Fuel Line Re-Routing for Improved Flow
SB0020 - Brake/Tail Light Wire Re-Routing
SB0021 - ATV Break In Procedure
SB0026 - Adjustable Speed Control C.D.I.
SB0027 - Optional Remote Stop Switch Installation
SB0028 - A/C Generator Test
SB0031 - Safety Tether Switch Installation
SB0032 - 2005 Viper Models No Power
SB0033 - Oil Pump Flow Adjustment
SB0041 - CDI Specifications
SB0052 - Two-cycle Engine Oil Pump Testing
AC Generator Testing

White Papers

WP0001 - Carburetor Adjustments
WP0002 - Drive Chain Adjustment
WP0003 - Transmission Gear Oil Change
WP0006 - Changing Spark Plug
WP0008 - Spark Plug Overview
WP0009 - Clutch Roller Weights
WP0012 - Chain Replacement
WP0015 - Air Filter Cleaning
WP0016 - Viper Loss of Power/Spark Arrestor Cleaning
WP0024 - Two Cycle Engine Oil Pump Testing
WP0026 - Starter Motor Troubleshooting

Solution Check List

SCL001 - Charging System Check List
SCL002 - Loss of Spark
SCL0005 - Viper Engine No Fire

Troubleshooting Flow Chart

TRBL13-6 - Flowchart diagram
SCL1    - Flowchart diagram

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