Fire Power Battery
Sealed Maintenance Free
L=5 7/8" W=3 3/8" H=4 1/8"

Part #: 816102
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American Sport Works Part # 14189
Carter Brothers Part # 5091019
E-Ton (Eton)#800453 Not exact but workable part
Hammer Head Part # 6.000.323
Hammer Head Part # 6.000.055

Common applications include:
Alta 50cc Alta-49 (Jonway) (Vin: TCB)
Baccio VX 150
Baja Dune DN250
BMS Kerrigan T-150
BMS Premier 150
CF Moto CF150 E Charm
CF Moto CF150 Glory
CF Moto CF250 Fashion
CF Moto CF250 V3
Coolster 150cc 3150CXC
Coolster 150cc 3150DX
Coolster 150cc 3150DX2
Coolster 150cc 3150DX-2
E-Ton 150cc Beamer R4 (PN2F) (Vin: FBF)
E-Ton 150cc Matrix (PN2I) (Vin: FVD)
E-Ton 150cc Yukon II 150, CXL-150, EXL-150 (Vin: FJB)
E-Ton Viper 150, RXL-150R09, 2009+ (Vin: FJD)
E-Ton Viper 150R, RXL-150R (Vin: FJD)
E-Ton Yukon 150, YXL-150, EXL-150 (Vin: FJA)
Hammerhead 80T 163cc
Hammerhead GL-150
Hammerhead GTS-150
Hammerhead KT-150
Hammerhead Mini Shark 5.5HP
Hammerhead R150
Hammerhead Rave 150
Hammerhead SS150
Hammerhead Stingray 196cc
Ice Bear ACE PST150-12
Ice Bear Bandit (PMZ150-8)
Ice Bear Condor (PMZ150-3S)
Ice Bear EAGLE PST150-7
Ice Bear HAWK PST150-18
Ice Bear Hawkeye (PMZ150-3C)
Ice Bear MOJO PST150-9 150
Ice Bear PMZ150-6-F
Ice Bear PMZ150-6N-F
Ice Bear PMZ150-C-F
Ice Bear PST150-19
Ice Bear VIKING PST150-8
Jonway Gator 125 YY125T-2A
Jonway Gator 150 YY150T
Jonway Gator 150 YY150T-2A
Jonway Gator 250 YY250T
Jonway Gator 250 YY250T-19
Jonway Gator 250 YY250T-2
Jonway Gator 250 YY250T-2A
Jonway Gator 250 YY250T-8
Jonway Gator 300 YY300T
Jonway Gator 300 YY300T-8
Jonway Gator 500 YY500
Peace Sports 200cc TPATV02 (Liquid Cooled)
Peace Sports 250 TPGS-807-250
Peace Sports 250 TPGS-813-250
Peace Sports 250cc CK250S-29
Peace Sports 250cc CK250S-29B
Peace Sports 250cc TPATV01 (Liquid Cooled)
Peace Sports 250cc TPATV02 (Liquid Cooled)
Peace Sports 250cc TPATV04 (Air Cooled)
Peace Sports 250cc TPATV05 (Air Cooled)
Peace Sports 250cc TPATV07 (Liquid Cooled)
Peace Sports 300cc TPATV30 (Air Cooled)
Peace Sports 300cc TPATV300 (Air Cooled)
Peace Sports 300cc TPATV31 (Air Cooled)
Peace Sports 300cc TPATV32 (Air Cooled)
Qingqi 250 QM250T 4-stroke Liquid Cool
RedStreak Navigator 250
Roketa 150cc ATV-17WC
Roketa 150cc ATV-17WS
Roketa 150cc ATV-56A
Roketa 150cc ATV-77
Roketa 200cc ATV-03-200 (Air Cooled)
Roketa 200cc ATV-04-200 (Liquid Cooled)
Roketa 200cc ATV-04WC (Liquid Cooled)
Roketa 200cc ATV-56 (Air Cooled)
Roketa 200cc ATV-78 (Liquid Cooled)
Roketa 250cc ATV-02 (Liquid Cooled)
Roketa 250cc ATV-04-250 (Liquid Cooled)
Roketa 250cc ATV-06 (Air Cooled)
Roketa 250cc ATV-09 (Liquid Cooled)
Roketa 250cc ATV-10 (Air Cooled)
Roketa 250cc ATV-56W (Liquid Cooled)
Roketa 250cc ATV-60 (Air Cooled)
Roketa 260cc ATV-01 (Liquid Cooled)
Roketa 300cc ATV-61 (Air Cooled)
Roketa GK-06 (250cc)
Roketa GK-13 (250cc)
Roketa GK-19 (250cc)
Roketa GK-29 (250cc)
Roketa GK-39 (250cc)
Roketa GK-44 (250cc)
Roketa MC-54 150
Roketa MC-54b 250 (Liquid Cooled)
Sunl 250 SL250-2
Sunl 250 SL250-29
TaoTao 150GK
TaoTao 4 Fun
TaoTao Arrow 150
TaoTao ATA-250BC
TaoTao ATA-250C
TaoTao ATA-250D
TaoTao ATA-250E
TaoTao ATK150-A
TaoTao ATK150-C
TaoTao ATK250-A
TaoTao GTK4150
TaoTao Targa 150
  • Part #: 816102

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