E-Ton Vin Reference

In an effort to better assist you while ordering parts for your E-Ton ATV or scooter, please use the below information to help you determine the model and year of an E-TON vehicle by checking its VIN.

Here is an example VIN (The important codes are highlighted).


***Model *** Year*******

Model type: The code for the model type is given by the three digits following the first three (shown in blue in the example above)

Code Model Number Model Name
4HA IXL-40 Rascal
4HB RXL-40 Viper Jr.
4HC RXL-40E Viper 40E
5EA TXL-50 Impuls
5EB AXL-50 / NXL-50 Lightning
5EC AXL-50C / NXL-50C Lightning
5ED AXL-50D / NXL-50D Lightning
5EE RXL-50 Viper 50
5EG RXL-50M Viper 50M
7EE RXL-70 Viper 70
7KA RX4-70 Viper 70 4-Stroke
7KB RX4-70M Viper 70 Mini 4-S
7KC RXL-7009 Viper 70 Silver(4-Stroke)
9EA TXL-90 Impuls
9EB AXL-90 / NXL-90 Thunder
9EC AXL-90C / NXL-90C Thunder
9ED AXL-90D / NXL-90D Thunder
9EE RXL-90 Viper 90
9EF RXL-90R Viper 90R
9FA DXL-90 Sierra
9FB DXL-90U Sierra
9KA RX4-90R Viper 90R 4-Stroke
9KC RXL-9009 Viper 90 Silver (4-Stroke)
9KD RXL-90R09 Viper 90R Silver (4-Stroke)
9UA UK1 Rover
9UB UK2 Rover GT
FJA YXL-150 Yukon
FJB CXL-150 Yukon II
FJD RXL-150R Viper 150R
FJD RXL-150R09 Viper 150R (2009)
LRA VXL-250 Vector 250R
5BA PN2 Beamer
5BB PN2B / PN2D Beamer II / III
5BC PN2C / PN2E Beamer Matrix/Matrix II
5BG PN2G Beamer R2
5VA PN2H Matrix 50
FBF PN2F Beamer R4 - 150
FVD PN2I Matrix R4-150
TCK ESPORT150 E-TON Sport 150 **

*The E-TON Sport VIN begins "LXMTCA"
**The E-TON Sport 150 VIN begins "LXMTCK"

Model year: The model year is determined by the tenth digit of the VIN, highlighted in red  in the example above.

Digit Year
X 1999
Y 2000
1 2001
2 2002
3 2003
4 2004
5 2005
6 2006
7 2007
8 2008
9 2009
A 2010
B 2011
C 2012

So, the example above (***4HA***2*******) would be a Rascal IXL-40, model year 2002.



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