TIRE (12")
Vee Rubber VRM134 Scooter Tire

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Common applications include:
E-Ton 150cc Beamer R4 (PN2F) (Vin: FBF)
E-Ton 150cc Matrix (PN2I) (Vin: FVD)
E-Ton 50cc Beamer R2 (PN2G) (Vin: 5BG)
E-Ton 50cc Matrix (PN2H) (Vin: 5VA)
E-Ton 50cc Sport (ESport) (Vin: TCA)
Jonway Gator 125 YY125T-28
Jonway Gator 50 YY50QT-28 (2-stroke)
Jonway Gator 50cc Gator 50-E2 (YY50QT-21) (2-stroke)
Jonway Gator 50cc Gator 50-E2 (YY50QT-21) (4-stroke)
Lance Cabo 125
Lance Cabo 150
Lance Cabo 50
Lance PCH 125
Lance PCH 150
Lance PCH 50
Peace Sports 50 TPGS-809 BLX
Peace Sports 50 TPGS-810
RedStreak Glide 50
RedStreak M80 50
Sunl 150 SL150T-6E
TNG 50 SS-49 (2-Stroke)
Tomos NITRO 50
Vento Triton GT5 (2 Stroke)
Vento Triton LI (4 Stroke)
Vento Triton R4 (2 Stroke)
  • Part #: 635031

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