High Performance CDI Box (AC) GY6-50,125,150,180cc 11000 RPM 28deg Angle 2 plug, 6 pin 73mm x 37mm

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Common applications include:
American Sportworks 6150 Blue Lightning
American Sportworks 6152 Zircon
American Sportworks 7150 Quantam
American Sportworks 7151 Carbide
American Sportworks Carbide 150cc
Baja AT150SS
Baja BA150
Baja Dune DN150
Baja Reaction BR150-1 BR150S
Coolster GK-6150 150cc
Ice Bear MADDOG PMZ50-19 50
Ice Bear MOJO PST150-9 150
Ice Bear MOJO PST50-8 50
Roketa Bahama 150 MC-07
Roketa GK-01 (150cc)
Roketa GK-28 (150cc)
TaoTao 150GK
TaoTao 4 Fun
TaoTao Arrow 150
TaoTao ATK150-A
TaoTao ATK150-C
TaoTao ATM50A1 50
TaoTao GTK4150
TaoTao Powermax 150, CY1SPORT 50y
TaoTao Racer 50
TaoTao Speed 50
TaoTao Targa 150
TaoTao VIP Future Champion CY50-A
TrailMaster Blazer 150cc
TrailMaster Blazer 150X
TrailMaster Blazer4 150cc
TrailMaster Blazer4 150X
TrailMaster Challenger 150 UTV GY6-150 w/reverse UTV
TrailMaster Challenger 150X Deluxe UTV GY6-150 w/reverse UTV
TrailMaster XRS GTS (150cc)
TrailMaster XRX GTS (150cc)
  • Part #: 815361

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