Tire Pressure Gage

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Eton Impuls (TXL-50) (Vin: 5EA)
Eton Impuls (TXL-90) (Vin: 9EA)
Eton Lightning-50 (AXL-50/NXL-50) (Vin: 5EB,5EC/5ED)
Eton Rascal (IXL-40) (Vin: 4HA)
Eton Rover (UK1-90R) (Vin: 9UA)
Eton Rover GT (UK2) (Vin: 9UB)
Eton Thunder-90 (AXL-90/NXL-90) (Vin: 9EB,9EC/9ED)
Eton Vector 250 (VXL-250) (Vin: LRA)
Eton Viper 150R (RXL-150R) (Vin: FJD)
Eton Viper 150R '09 (RXL-150R09) (Vin: FJD)
Eton Viper 40E (RXL-40E) (Vin: 4HC)
Eton Viper 50 2 Cycle (RXL-50) (Vin: 5EE)
Eton Viper 50 Mini (RXL-50M) (Vin: 5EG)
Eton Viper 70 2 Cycle (RXL-70) (Vin: 7EE)
Eton Viper 70 4 Cycle (RX4-70) (Vin: 7KA)
Eton Viper 70 Silver Series (RXL-7009) (Vin: 7KC)
Eton Viper 70M 4 Cycle (RX4-70M) (Vin: 7KB)
Eton Viper 90 2 Cycle (RXL-90) (Vin: 9EE)
Eton Viper 90 Silver Series (RXL-9009) (Vin: 9KC)
Eton Viper 90R 2 Cycle (RXL-90R) (Vin: 9EF)
Eton Viper 90R 4 Cycle (RX4-90R) (Vin: 9KA)
Eton Viper 90R Silver Series (RXL-90R09) (Vin: 9KD)
Eton Viper Jr. (RXL-40) (Vin: 4HB)
Yamaha Raptor 90 4-Stroke
Eton Yukon II (CXL-150) (Vin: FJB)
Eton Yukon (YXL-150) (Vin: FJA)
Eton Sierra (DXL-90, DXL-90U) (Vin: 9FA, 9FB)
  • Model: 800529

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